Training in Microblading

Become an eyebrow reshaping expert with our complete, recognized and accredited training program in microblading.

With the knowledge provided by our skilled trainer, you will learn all the beauty secrets in order to create the perfect eyebrows; we will show you three different types of lines to meet your customer expectations.

We will teach you the ”hair-by-hair” effect, the shaded look and another method called the shading. This training is typically offered on three days (30 hours in total) and conducted into small groups of a maximum of 4 people, to provide an optimal environment. In this training course, our trainer will help you to build self-confidence and self-reliance, and will provide you with tips and answer all your questions.

Once training is completed, you can still count on the trainer to get answers; there is a follow-up session included in this training program.

This comprehensive training program in microblading will help you to acquire all the knowledge and skills in eyebrow microblading. During this training, you will also have the opportunity to learn the colorimetry. Regardless of your customer skin color, you will be able to perfectly match your pigments to hers.

You will receive a starter kit in this training course. It includes:
• 6 pigments
• 1x non-corrosive hand-held tool with Swarovski crystals
• 1x eyebrow pencil
• 1x disinfectant soap
• 15 rings for pigments
• 15 micro-needles
• 1x pair of scissors
• 1x tweezers
• 1x cosmetics practice skin
• 1x Webber first aid ointment
• 1x anaesthetic cream
• 1x storage case
• 1x instruction booklet

Please note that our training program is mainly available in French, but also in English and in Spanish.

A security deposit of $600.00 is required to confirm your attendance.
Feel free to contact us for more information!