How to wash them?

  • It would be preferable to wait at least 48 hours (only for keratin pre-bonded and striped hair extension) before washing them right after the application.
  • Use a moisturising shampoo. It is strongly recommended to use professional products. Never use repair fortifying shampoos or keratin shampoos in order to prevent damage to your hair extensions.
  • It is not recommended to apply greasy hair products (treatments, oils, conditioners or others) directly on extension bonds to prevent hair extension strands from falling out or slippage. For striped hair extensions only: please note that products that may contain alcohol (spray, mousse, gel, perfumes or others) can cause the bonded hair to fall out (or slippage) and damage keratin or dry considerably hair extensions.
  • Do not rub vigorously your hair extensions and always apply conditioner on hair ends.
  • Tilt your head back; massage your scalp from roots to ends, never in the opposite direction. Rinse your hair always your head titled backwards.
  • Gently rub between your hair and extension bonds to prevent the hair from getting tangled.

How do I blow dry and brush my hair extensions?

  • Use only a hair extension brush.
  • Keep the dryer at least 20cm away. Do not blow dry close to the extension bonds.
  • To untangle your hair: grab hair section (mid-length) and then begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid-length and finally brush the root area. It is also suggested to hold the hair under the bonds and continue to brush the mid-shaft to prevent pressure on roots and bonded hair to fall out (or slippage).
  • It is strongly recommended to blow dry your hair extensions to match your own hair perfectly. Make your hair soft and shiny again.
  • Constantly running your fingers through your hair (between hair and extension bonds), to separate the extensions in the roots area.
  • Depending on your hair cut, you can use the flat or curling iron or you can blow dry your hair with a diffuser.
  • Brushing is a must! If you don’t brush regularly your hair extensions they will become tangled (as your real hair). Brushing is not particularly problematic.
  • • Brush your hair, at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.


What should I do at bedtime?

  • Always tie your hair or make a braid to keep hair tangle free during sleep (this applies to very long hair)..
  • Never sleep with wet hair and ensure that your hair is completely dry before going to bed.


Practising any leasure activities?

  • Swimming in the lake: there is no problem. However, do not wet your hair if you swim in the pool or ocean. The chlorine found in the pool and salt in the ocean can damage hair extensions (including extension bonds (keratin) or striped hair extensions falling out).
  • Exposing blonde hair extensions to sunscreen and bronzers may cause discoloration. Be careful when using these products: tie your hair extensions.
  • Can I use the sauna? Know that when visiting a sauna, it may lessen the longevity of your hair extensions. In fact, the oil used in steam baths may damage extension bonds (keratin). Also, please note that massage oil may also damage your hair extensions.

How can I remove my hair extensions?

Prevent unnecessary damage to your hair by counting on your Ab Extensions technician – she will choose the right method for you!!

Remember that hair extensions require more care than natural hair. Hair extensions can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain them. Did you know that hair extensions do not damage your natural hair? It is the way you treat it.