AB extensions offers professional training programs – adapted to your needs – across Quebec province. If you are a hairdresser or simply passionate about beauty or hairstyling, you are invited to join us in these hair extension training courses.

We provide two comprehensive training programs (1 or 2 day-program) and a half-day complimentary training course (1 of your choice) (duration: 5 hours) as well as advanced courses.
A diploma in hairdressing is not required to register in these training programs.

. Comprehensive Training Program Level 1 Comprehensive Training Program Level 2 Complimentary Training Course
Price $650.00 $995.00 $450.00
Duration 1 day 2 days 4 hours

Comprehensive Training Program – Level 1

In this basic hair extension training program, you will learn different hair extension methods, such as:
• Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions
• Micro-ring hair extensions (double loop / i-tips / ultra tips / nano tips )
• Striped hair extensions
• Clip-in hair extensions
• Wigs, halo, pony tail

Schedule & Training Duration:

Duration: 7 hours
Schedule: Open Monday to Saturday, upon request.
Theory: 2 hours
Practical skills – with a mannequin hair head: 5 hours
This training course includes a starter kit.
Please note that each group includes a maximum of 4 students to ensure optimum training environment and to support continuous learning.

In this training program:

You will learn: how to properly take care of your hair extensions; how to create a different hairstyle by playing up with the natural hair color contrasts; how to remove hair extensions; what are the different types of hair extensions that are available on the market; what are the Remy hair extensions; how many hair extensions will be needed; and the most important: how to apply them to get the desired look!
After spending a few hours with one of our trainers, you will be able to give the best advices on hair extension methods to your customers (based on hair texture, length, density and color) and also, to apply hair extensions, with confidence and like a professional.
Training is done on a mannequin hair head (training material is included)

Comprehensive Training Program – Level 2

The Level 2 training course is available for those who want to acquire new skills (training is done on a human model).

You can attend this 2-day training the following day after Level 1 course completion, or few days/weeks after course completion, in order to get more experience.

Day 1: Level 1 – hair extension training course (duration: 7 hours, theory and practical skills: learning different methods on a mannequin hair head)

Day 2: Put your skills into practice – on a human model

In this course, hair extensions will be provided to you in order to put your skills into practice on a human model. Since day 2 is practice day, the duration of the course will vary depending on your pace.

A complete kit will be given to you on day 1 of training.
Cost : $995.00 including Levels 1 & 2
Schedule: Open Monday to Saturday, upon your availability.

A security deposit of $100.00 is required to confirm your attendance.
The comprehensive training program (Level 1 or 2) starter kit includes:
• 1x iron to apply hot fusion hair extensions
• 1x color chart
• 1x hook
• 1x hair threading tool
• 1x remove for keratin glue
• 1x remove for hair extension tape
• 20x hair extension tapes
• 1x hair extension brush
• 1x hair tweezers/replacement micro-beads kit
• 12x thermal protectors
• 4x hair clips
• 1x tail comb
• 1 training booklet

Complementary Training Course

What is your goal? Learning only one technique? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you!

What is a complimentary training course?
• You have the opportunity to learn one hair extension method
• 4-hour training course
• A kit may be included with your course
• Practice is done on mannequin hair head

Advanced Course on How to Apply Hair Extensions

Price: $50.00/hour
This training course is available for certified technicians that want to acquire new skills.

Advanced Course on Hair Cutting

Are you having problems to match hair extensions with natural hair? Would you like to offer more hair cutting options to your customers? If you answer yes, this training course will help you!

To participate in this course, you need hair extension and hair cutting skills (you need to know how to use different hair scissors such as: thinning or texturizing shears, or cutting shears).

Based on your own goals, our 2-hour private course will meet your expectations. By practicing on a mannequin hair head, you will have the opportunity to create new looks by cutting different lengths.

In this training course, only material will be provided (no starter kit).
Cost: $200.00
Schedule: Open Monday to Saturday, upon request.

A security deposit of $100.00 is required to confirm your attendance.
Duration : 2 hours

Our training program is quite exhaustive and meets all needs.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

**Please note that taxes are not included in these prices.

To satisfy your customer needs, we offer you different training courses based on micro-ring hair extensions (such as double loop, ultra tips, i-tips and nano tips). Although these techniques are similar, they cannot fit to all hair types. Contact us to find out more about these products!

With our high quality hair products, say goodbye to dry, damaged and tangled hair extensions!

In order to offer you real customer assistance, we only provide consulting services by appointment.